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Gratitude. This topic is dear to me. If you meditate or practise yoga, it’s very likely that you’ve come across this concept that can have a big impact on your life. For me, it snuck in when I started meditating regularly about six years ago, and it really became important after my dad passed away unexpectedly three years ago.

It’s very easy to take people for granted in life. Even things we love with all our heart or things we’ve worked hard for can become overlooked and underappreciated amid our daily grind. …

I love feeling inspired. I guess everyone does. When I have an idea or a flood of ideas and I scribble them down, sketch them out, and my mind expands on them and brings me to all kinds of incredible places, I can sit and write or paint for ages.

Often, however, this muse is nowhere to be found. I feel flat, low on energy and just want to lay on the couch and listen to the latest crime junkie episode. …

A couple of months ago I participated in a week-long writing and meditation retreat, which was on my to-do list for a long time. That I was excited weeks before is an understatement, and once I entered the retreat, I was completely enchanted by the beautiful green setting.

Sitting in silence, photo by Christopher Sardegna/Unsplash

The first thing we were asked upon arrival was whether we were willing to hand in our phones for the week. It wasn’t obligatory, no pressure, but it was highly recommended. I’d always been confident that I wasn’t really glued to my phone, so my strong reaction to this request took me…

When people talk about Chile as a destination, you almost always hear names like Patagonia, the capital Santiago de Chile, its street-art hub Valparaíso and Chile’s volcano and lake region.

I don’t blame anyone, because these are beautiful and spectacular places, but lately, I have a new favorite region in this narrow strip of land spread across the South American continent: The Atacama Desert.

About five years ago I was sitting in my tiny studio apartment in the center of Amsterdam, working as a freelance writer, thinking about how I needed a change.

It was rainy, grey and cold, and I was about six months away from decent terrace-sitting or picnicking-in-a-park weather. I hadn’t seen the sun in days and was practically living in my pyjamas. I was even lacking the energy to lift myself up from my beanbag and walk over to the kitchen to prepare something nutritious.

Then I had a thought: Working remotely meant that I didn’t have to be in…

We’ve spent the last few days in Queensland with Lac’s mum and have been enjoying warm tropical weather and many, many home-cooked meals.

​What we’ve also been enjoying are our new takeaway coffee cups made of glass, which were waiting for us as a little welcome present. So good.

​It’s really such a no-brainer to use a re-fillable cup instead of constantly buying a new one every time you get a takeaway coffee somewhere. It’s good to finally hop on that train.

When it comes to climate change and all the effects of it, it’s easy to get overwhelmed envisioning a gloomy future. …

When you live & work in a small home

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

I grew up in a medium to small-sized apartment, which I shared with my parents, my brother and our house cat. With 21 I went on an exchange year to Madrid and ended up living in various shared flats. One of the rooms I rented was just big enough for a bed that folded out of a closet and a table-sized board that was attached to the closet and transformed into a small desk. A foldable chair completed the pieces of furniture in my room. During my year in this room…

I’ve caught the travel bug, already a while ago

Growing up I’ve always loved our family holidays in Croatia and Italy with the entire family (including cousins and grandparents) but I think I really caught it once I decided to spend one year abroad in Madrid when I was 21.

It was the first time I ever travelled by myself to a city of over three million in a country I hardly spoke the language of. When I arrived, I asked the taxi driver in my broken Spanish “Hablas inglés? Do you speak English?” He didn’t turn around and just said “No!” without even trying to make an effort.

Just like last year we’ve spent some weeks in Coolum Beach in Queensland at the start of the year and enjoyed some easy living up there. The beach is right at our doorstep, the weather is always very inviting. We’ve had a few raindrops here and there but hey, it was close to winter after all..

Especially when travelling or coming into a new environment I’m more motivated to do something out of my comfort zone and challenge myself a bit.

So I thought: “Yep, time to jump in the water and get myself on a surfboard again.” It’s been a while. The last time I’ve tried it before Australia was in Bali, and that seemed a lifetime ago..

Challenge yourself and learn a new skill

So off we went early in the morning to rent a (big) surfboard for me and when we got down to the beach my husband patiently explained the basics again.

He also had me dry-jump my surfboard…

travelling is exciting… but so is planning for your trip

I get excited when I plan an upcoming trip. Like a kid in a candy store. I start pulling up all kinds of maps and websites on the web and immerse myself deep into best-of, what-not-to-miss and must-see lists until my eyes hurt.

I pull out my notebook and frantically scribble down lists paired with pieces of information, timetables, prices, etc.

Total planning craziness

When I finally come up for air I realise that I’ve done it again. I’ve planned a trip that is bursting with to-dos, and even though every single place, activity, restaurant & bar I’ve put on…

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