Try something new once in a while

Just like last year we’ve spent some weeks in Coolum Beach in Queensland at the start of the year and enjoyed some easy living up there. The beach is right at our doorstep, the weather is always very inviting. We’ve had a few raindrops here and there but hey, it was close to winter after all..

Especially when travelling or coming into a new environment I’m more motivated to do something out of my comfort zone and challenge myself a bit.

So I thought: “Yep, time to jump in the water and get myself on a surfboard again.” It’s been a while. The last time I’ve tried it before Australia was in Bali, and that seemed a lifetime ago..

Challenge yourself and learn a new skill

So off we went early in the morning to rent a (big) surfboard for me and when we got down to the beach my husband patiently explained the basics again.

He also had me dry-jump my surfboard to see whether I was quick enough to stand up. After a few times he seemed pleased with what I thought was a rather awkward stance but he was happy, which made me happy.

From the time I hit the water until I sat down exhaustedly but very pleased with myself I swallowed a lot of water. I also slipped off my board more times than I could count and even managed to entangle my front foot in the leg rope while trying to find some balance.

On top of it I got washed around by some powerful waves. BUT I also managed to stand up a couple of times and was pleased to be able to implement some things I was taught throughout our little lesson.

I was shivering but couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I made some progress (only very little but still!) and I was already looking forward to getting in the water again. Forgotten were my frozen little toe and my scratched knees. I felt on top of the world.

Get out of your comfort zone

Whether you decide to learn a new language, try a different sport or look for a novel hobby — the feeling is priceless when you challenge yourself and you succeed, even if you only manage to improve yourself a little bit.

Everything counts.

And if you have a bad day and you feel like you’re failing, don’t worry! Only taking some time out of your day trying something new will make you feel rejuvenated.

Just go for it!

loves sharing engaging content about travel experiences, sustainable travel practices, wellbeing, minimalism & art

loves sharing engaging content about travel experiences, sustainable travel practices, wellbeing, minimalism & art