Why are we so addicted to being busy?

I was reading an interesting article not too long ago about the importance of making space within our busyness to re-focus. I was immediately drawn to it and read it a couple of times. Not because I am particularly busy and stressed but because there is a trend to almost glorify our busyness. It seems like it’s impossible to sit down with friends for a catch up and avoid talking and proudly complaining about how busy everyone has been lately.

Are we addicted to our stressful lives? Do we only feel accomplished when we fall into bed at night totally exhausted and with a throbbing headache? Is being busy a modern-world drug?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad thing to get involved in things you are passionate about next to your (probably) demanding job. If you have a family and/or pets to take care of on top of it, your day might leave little space for procrastination. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep balance and make some time for just being and enjoying the little things in life, like consciously feeling the sun on your face while drinking your morning coffee or a little meditation session to set the mood for the day.

Balance is key

I personally like to fill my day (not to the brim) with tasks and activities so that there is a nice flow to it and I have a feeling of accomplishment in the end of the day. That being said, it doesn’t need to overflow with work to-dos. I’m trying to fit in other activities like going for a walk, the gym or the sauna or even something like a grocery run or a few minutes of meditation or stretching (as a freelancer I am very lucky to design my day to my liking). Preparing a nice dinner or planning a lunch date with a friend can also busy up your day but leave you energised instead of stressed.

Not only work counts and sometimes the most productive thing to do is to relax

Trying to simplify life in order to de-stress doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job, say Sayonara to all of your friends and take off into the wilderness by yourself. Just stop a couple of times during your day and enjoy the sweetness of doing absolutely nothing. If that is too much to ask for, you could take on a little less work once in a while to create some mini-space that is not consumed by running around like crazy or slaving away long hours. That way you’ll have other topics to talk about when meeting up with friends for a drink.

How about some daydreaming? It costs nothing

You could also leave your car at home and take the train to work once in a while. This allows you to just enjoy the world passing by and you may find a few minutes of peace in your hectic day. What about leaving your desk sometimes to walk to the window to break up your day? You might see something funny outside while giving your eyes a few minutes rest.

Going 100% all the time is not good for our well-being and definitely not something one should aspire to. There’s nothing glamorous about being forced out of your job due to a burnout. Shifting your perspective to soften your strict daily routines and allowing some space for blissful naps or a lazy Saturday morning spent in bed watching a movie will keep your stress levels in check while you are busy chasing your dreams.

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